• Chris Alexander

Full Moon's Newsflash Vol 146

Full Moon is pumped to be presenting a pair of rare and remastered European EMANUELLE movies starring the delectable Laura Gemser, NOW ONE SALE on Blu-ray and DVD from, totally remastered and packed with perversion!

Laura Gemser returns to the role that made her famous in EMANUELLE AND THE WHITE SLAVE TRADE, a scintillating work of depraved erotica from controversial Italian director Joe D'Amato! EMANUELLE AND THE WHITE SLAVE TRADE (aka LA VIA DELLA PROSTITUZIONE and EMANUELLE AND THE GIRLS OF MADAME CLAUDE) sees Gemser's comely and sexually curious journalist tracking down a notorious Mafia boss to the jungles of Kenya in hopes of interviewing him for her newspaper. Along the way, Emanuelle inadvertently stumbles upon an even more sensational story, that of a vile international white slavery ring, run by the sadistic Madame Claude. Once again, Emanuelle must go undercover, this time as a prostitute in Madame Claude's clandestine San Diego bordello, engaging in all manner of carnal couplings while secretly working to bring down the Madame's evil empire.

EMANUELLE: BLACK VELVET (aka BLACK EMMANUELLE, WHITE EMMANUELLE and VELUTTO NERO) has Gemser playing an incarnation of the famous globe-trotting model/reporter as she travels to the sweltering deserts of Egypt with her macho fashion photographer boyfriend Carlo (Gabrielle Tinti, LISA AND THE DEVIL). Initially planning to simply visit her wealthy friend Crystal (Nieves Navarro, DEATH WALKS AT MIDNIGHT), the depressed damsel soon finds herself falling into a series of increasingly sensual encounters, while fixing her lustful attentions on Crystal's daughter Pia (Annie Belle, LIPS OF BLOOD and HOUSE ON THE EDGE OF THE PARK).

Each scorching hot title retails for $9.95 (DVD) and $16.95 (Blu-ray), but if you buy BOTH together you'll save 20%! Go to and grab yourself a double-dose of EMANUELLE awesomeness!