• Chris Alexander


Updated: Oct 8, 2018


Hey Full Moon fans and weird movie freaks, here's a dose of news that will get your pulses pounding! Annoumcing a NEW film series combining elements of our brand new FULL MOON COMIX line with a new storyline that spotlights some of the most freakish and splatter-ific moments in Full Moon's three-decade history of delivering the gruesome groceries.

We call it FULL MOON's BUNKER OF BLOOD...emphasis on "blood".

Groove on that killer Ryan Brookhart art above and keep reading to get the sanguinary skinny!

FULL MOON'S BUNKER OF BLOOD is a gory "Greatest Hits" of Full Moon's strangest and sickest sequences framed by an all new, all outrageous narrative that drives the viewer deep into the darkest, dankest of a madman's macabre lair; there, this "Gore Collector" will subject our hero - and YOU, the audience - to endless reels of non-stop sanguinary shocks designed to push all who view them to the very limits of sanity!

Here's the synopsis:

In an unknown dystopian future, a drifter with an unusually high-tolerance to pain is held captive in a horrific hospital by The Circle of Psycho Surgeons, a clandestine crew of M.D.'s (that's medical deviants) who are experimenting with human suffering. Suddenly, our shackled hero hears the call of "The Gore Collector", a sadistic curator of carnage who is well past his prime and now seeks an heir to take over his evil operation. Escaping from the lurid lab, the drifter enters the underground lair of The Gore Collector and there, the perverse programmer pops in a vile videotape and begins the process of trying to warp the man's minds with the goriest and gruesomest moments from some of Full Moon's most iconic film franchises. It's an all-out assault to the senses that makes A CLOCKWORK ORANGE's "Ludivico Technique" look like outtakes from Mr. Roger's Neighborhood!

Using lavishly illustrated comic book panels to frame the twisted tale of the masochistic drifter and the mad "guru of gore", FULL MOON'S BUNKER OF BLOOD is an 8-part feature film series that has its phasers set to stun! The stomach-churning adventure into the annals of splatter starts with PUPPET MASTER: BLITZKRIEG MASSACRE, in which The Gore Collector culls the sickest moments from the 11-film deep PUPPET MASTER series, exploding together with macabre music and brand new moments of body-breaking mayhem.

Can our hero survive the BUNKER OF BLOOD?

Can YOU?!?!

PUPPET MASTER: BLITZKRIEG MASSACRE goes LIVE on Amazon Prime and Full Moon Streaming (insert link) on September 25th. DVD releases of each title will follow soon after. Stay tuned for more BUNKER OF BLOOD news in the coming days including a peek at the OFFICIAL and insane PUPPET MASTER: BLITZKRIEG MASSACRE trailer!

In a related note, a wealth of the music in the BUNKER OF BLOOD series soundtrack features classic and new music by the great composer Richard Band, who has been Full Moon's go-to artist for lush, evocative synth and symphonic original scores for most of our key films - from RE-ANIMATOR to PUPPET MASTER and beyond.

In exciting new for horror movie music and especially, Richard Band fans, Band's beautiful, dark and haunting score for Full Moon's Gothic soap opera RAVENWOLF TOWERS is out NOW from Intrada Records! You can order the album here and get a limited edition signed copy at Band's website here.

And coming on October 16th from Intrada is Band's quirky and playful score for the Full Moon/Moonbeam family film classic PREHYSTERIA! As with RAVENWOLF TOWERS, you can get a limited edition signed version of this and many other classic Band soundtrack albums via

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST! In case you haven't heard...Full Moon has a brand new App! Now available in iTunes and HERE, the Full Moon App is your gateway into the entire Full Moon Universe, with news updates, special offers, previews and a weekly contest that gives fans the chance to win big prizes. And best of all, it's FREE! Download it to your android or smart phone today!