• Chris Alexander

Full Moon's Newsflash Vol. 138

DELIRIUM and Full Moon nab multiple nominations at the 2021 Rondos!

Since 2002, the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards (named after the legendary and unique looking B movie actor from the 1940s) have been fandom’s only classic horror awards, created by the fans and whose outcome is decided exclusively by the fans.

This year, we are excited to announce that our DELIRIUM Magazine as well as the production wing of our Full Moon Features are being recognized for excellence and have scooped up multiple awards in the 2021 Rondo Awards. And we need YOU to get out and vote and turn those nominations into wins!

DELIRIUM magazine has been nominated for "Best Magazine" while our art designer Ryan Brookhart has been nominated for "Best Cover" for his striking work on our Roger Corman / HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP cover for DELIRIUM #25. Chris Alexander and Lee Gambin have been nominated for "Best Interview" for their work interviewing actress Sybil Danning in DELIRIUM #22, while writer Howard S. Berger got a nod for "Best Article" for his memoir discussing Al Adamson's DRACULA VS. FRANKENSTEIN in DELIRIUM #23.

Full Moon's 2020 horror film, the second picture in our paused Deadly Ten series, NECROPOLIS: LEGION starring Lynn Lowry, Augie Duke and Ali Chappell and directed by Chris Alexander has been nominated for "Best Independent Film".

And now, the most IMPORTANT thing to know, HOW TO VOTE:

Voting is by email only. Simply email your votes for Full Moon and DELIRIUM to with the words " Rondo Votes" in the subject line, or if you want to check out and vote for ALL the amazing categories and nominees, GO HERE and cut and paste the ballot into an email and mark X beside your choices. Again, send that email to All votes must be in by Sunday, April 25, 2021 at MIDNIGHT.

And be sure to catch up on these nominated magazines and NECROPOLIS: LEGION by purchasing them at

Thanks to the Rondo team for the nominations!