• Chris Alexander

Full Moon's Newsflash Vol. 135

Full Moon's THE GINGERWEED MAN has gone to camera!

Full Moon's most far-out franchises collide in director Brooks Davis' THE GINGERWEED MAN, the latest in our long line of insanely popular, wacky weed comedies. The film - which started production in LA on Sunday under strict SAG monitored COVID-19 conditions - combines characters from our hugely successful stoner horror series EVIL BONG and our berserk killer cookie cult epic THE GINGERDEAD MAN and aims to be far more maniacal than all of those movies combined.

Synopsis: The Gingerweed Man runs a successful dispensary delivery service, catering to a wide array of wacky clientele. But when he gets charged with protecting little Baby Buddy, a mysterious super strain weed dude that is wanted by every bad vibe in the city, mad misadventures follow. Naiia Lajoie, Paige Phillips, Eli Jane and noted creature actor Alan Maxson (GODZILLA, KING OF THE MONSTERS) co-star in this riotous sidebar sequel shocker.

Stay tuned for more details about THE GINGERWEED MAN, including the official trailer and behind-the-scenes photos. The movie will premiere exclusively on Full Moon Features and Full Moon's Amazon Prime channel soon, release date TBD. And speaking of Full Moon Features, there's still time to sign up for a FULL YEAR subscription to our channel and receive an on-screen Executive Producer credit on THE GINGERWEED MAN! Be a part of Full Moon history and watch hundreds of wild feature films from around the world all year round! You can't lose!

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