• Chris Alexander

Full Moon's Newsflash Vol. 133

Klaus Kinski kills again in the rare 1974 Euroshocker LOVER OF THE MONSTER!

Klaus Kinski kills again in the rare 1974 Euroshocker LOVER OF THE MONSTER!

Filmed back to back with writer/director Sergio Garrone's equally Gothic Italian/Turkish thriller THE HAND THAT FEEDS THE DEAD, 1974's LOVER OF THE MONSTER is coming soon to Blu-ray, DVD and streaming from Full Moon, uncut and remastered for the FIRST TIME in North America!

Notorious German actor Klaus Kinski (CRAWLSPACE, NOSFERATU: PHANTOM DER NACHT) stars as Dr. Alex Nijinksy, a troubled scientist who retires to his long suffering wife Anijeska's family castle in search of a fresh start. Already under pressure, Nijinsky's rage begins to boil when his lady starts spending time with her ex-boyfriend and, after he discovers a hidden laboratory in the castle belonging to his mad scientist father-in-law, unleashes the living incarnation of his rage. Soon, Nijinksy is up to no good, sexually assaulting women and murdering them, all the while making his wife's life a living hell.

LOVER OF THE MONSTER features much of the same cast and crew Garrone employed for THE HAND THAT FEEDS THE DEAD, including the gorgeous Katia Christine (RIOT IN A WOMEN'S PRISON)and FX man Carlo Rambaldi (E.T., KING KONG) as well as having Kinski play a same-named (though totally different) mad scientist named Nijinsky. Filled with nudity, violence and general bad behaviour, this stylish, sensual and rarely seen psycho-shocker is presented here for the FIRST TIME in its fully uncut form, fully remastered from the best available materials, in its original Italian language with new English subtitles.

Also available THIS WEEK on Blu-ray, DVD (following its successful streaming premiere on Full Moon Features and Full Moon's Amazon Prime channel) is Alfonso Brescia's rarely seen 1972 Italian giallo thriller NAKED GIRL MURDERED IN THE PARK, exclusively from The film is filled with sex, nudity and style to burn; a "lost" Eurohorror gem, presented here in a fully uncut and totally remastered transfer from its original 35mm camera negative! NAKED GIRL MURDERED IN THE PARK has long been available only via heavily censored bootlegs ripped from shoddy VHS sources. But you've never seen it quite like this!