• Chris Alexander

Full Moon's Newsflash Vol. 131

Roger Corman Riffs on his Classic 1980 Shocker HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP!

When it comes to being the last men standing among ultra-prolific innovative indie genre-slingers, only two pioneers come to mind: Full Moon's own fearless leader Charles Band and his elder, the iconic producer/director/distributor Roger Corman. And this month, in the pages of DELIRIUM #25, we honor Corman with a brand new interview, focusing squarely on one his most savage and sanguinary exploitation films!

Order your copy of DELIRIUM #25 and read our chat with Corman, conducted last Fall during the pandemic, which finds the still super-spry 94 year old mogul deep in quarantine, working on a wave of new movies. Here, Corman celebrates the 40th anniversary of his classic 1980 monster mash HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP, the story of a corrupt cannery whose experiments with a growth hormone has infected salmon and caused them to mutate into bi-pod gill-men; wonderfully revolting, ALIEN-inspired beasts that slink from the depths, murdering and sexually assaulting the population of a small, coastal town.

Beautifully produced, stylish and witty, HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP is the kind of B movie that earns its cult following, balancing pure cinematic craft and competence with jaw-droppingly vulgar exploitation elements. To call it a masterpiece might cause snickers in some circles, but whatever HUMANOIDS is, it’s a staple of strange cinema and it’s here to stay. We also take a good long look at the BEST of Roger's extensive resume featuring monsters of every persuasion! You do NOT want to miss this!

On top of all this killer Corman content, we talk to director John Harrison about his chilling anthology horror film TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE: THE MOVIE, hang out with the cast of the crazy 3D chiller SILENT MADNESS, go deep into the creation of Full Moon's recent monster mash WEEDJIES!, preview the new Lovecraft romp MISKATONIC U: THE RESONATOR, examine the lush art of British comic book illustrator and painter Nick Percival and so much more!

Pick up DELIRIUM #25 today and stay tuned for DELIRIUM #26, a 21-gun, sonic-boom salute to one of horror's greatest composers, the incomparable Pino Donaggio, a BRAND NEW interview with the Italian legend discussing his music for TOURIST TRAP, CARRIE, PIRANHA, DRESSED TO KILL, THE HOWLING and more!