• Chris Alexander

Full Moon's Newsflash Vol. 122


First they fought the Corona Zombies. Then they Saved the Tiger King. Now sexy LA airheads Barbie & Kendra bring their ditsy brand of quarantine quirk on an adventure that's truly out of this world!

Starting this FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 6th on Full Moon Features and Full Moon's Amazon Prime channel, the already notorious "coronaverse" expands anew in BARBIE & KENDRA STORM AREA 51, the third (but not final!) movie in the world's only quarantine set and shot film franchise! Get ready for a heady dose of pandemic panic as the sexy and spacey dynamic duo (played once more by Cody Renee Cameron and Robin Sydney) turn on the TV and get tuned into a viral saga that takes them deep into the forbidden fortress of Area 51 and beyond

Combing insanely funny new footage with hilariously re-dubbed retro sci-fi cinema awesomeness (including wild footage from the classic David Friedman '60s sexploitaion romp SPACE THING!), BARBIE & KENDRA STORM AREA 51 is the wackiest "coronasploitation" comedy yet! Check out the riotous trailer and make sure to tune into Full Moon Features and Full Moon's Amazon Prime channels THIS FRIDAY to dive deep into the hilarious madness: with the world completely out of its ever-lovin' mind, we need Barbie & Kendra more than ever! Get ready to do some seriously sexy and silly stormin' with everyone's fave socially distant ditzes!