• Chris Alexander

Full Moon's Newsflash Vol. 119

FEMALIEN COSMIC CRUSH locks release date and reveals new teaser!

Director Lindsey Schmitz's amped-update of the original Surrender Cinema series - part of Charles Band's DEADLY TEN series - is ready to pop and we've set the premiere release for DECEMBER 4th - an exclusive window to watch the DIRECTOR’S CUT on Full Moon Features!

Kira Noir, Denise Milfort, Jillian Janson and Paris White star in the sexy and imaginative romp that tells the tale of a deep-space Archaeological expedition that unearths an ancient beast on a distant moon. It's up to the Alterians - hedonistic heroes of here and beyond - to put a stop to the tentacled terror. But when the Professor and all of her students become mentally dominated by the Pod Queen and are turned into her willing slaves, the situation gets sticky, and sweaty… and very sexy! Will the Alterians pacify the parasitic plot or will they succumb to the Pod’s cosmic crush? Strap in for the swingin’est space opera in seven systems!

"I was inspired by erotically-charged sci-fi epics like FORBIDDEN WORLD and BARBARELLA" says Schmitz of his salacious space opera.

"We really tried to tell a fantastic story in the classic Full Moon style – with maidens and monsters galore...a sci-fi celebration of babes and beasts where fans can come for the sexy space ladies and stay for the Lovecraftian adventure!"

FEMALIEN COSMIC CRUSH will be released on Full Moon Features on December 4th (subscribe today!) and a slightly different cut will premiere on our Amazon Prime channel at a later date. And a fully loaded DVD release will come soon after that.

Check out the EPIC new TEASER and get yourself psyched for the wildest women-in-space smackdown of all time!