• Chris Alexander

Full Moon's Newsflash Vol. 113

Experience the finest and freakiest in exploitation cinema only on Full Moon Features!

If you haven't yet subscribed to Full Moon Features, we have one question for you: what's taking you so long?! For lovers of extreme, strange, deep-cut horror, cult, fantasy and exploitation cinema, the Full Moon Features channel and app stands alone, offering an intense library of international genre fare titles, many of which you simply cannot find on any other streaming service.

Here's a look at what's new, hot and happening on Full Moon Features:

THE SEARCH FOR WENG WENG: An uproarious, award-winning documentary about the near-mythical, pint-sized action movie star !

ORGY OF THE LIVING DEAD: A gorgeous high-def remastering of the rarely seen UNCUT Paul Naschy Eurohorror masterpiece (also known as THE HANGING WOMAN). Note that Full Moon is the only distributor in North American offering this long sought after cut!

CORONA ZOMBIES: Full Moon's insane - and controversial - remix of Bruno Mattei's HELL OF THE LIVING DEAD for the COVID generation! Also available is the even more gonzo sequel, BARBIE & KENDRA SAVE THE TIGER KING!

THE JESS FRANCO COLLECTION: Check out our library of totally UNCUT sexploitation classics from the master of Eurotrash, films, stuff like SLAVES,


HAUNTED HOLLYWOOD: Film historian Davd Del Valle's new screening series where the flamboyant host tells true tales of Hollyweird and showcases such films as HORROR EXPRESS, THE KLANSMAN, BRIDE OF THE MONSTER and more!

DEAD OF NIGHT (aka DEATHDREAM): Director Bob (BLACK CHRISTMAS) Clark's seminal ant-war horror show about a vietnam vet returning home as a vacant, blood-drinking ghoul!

DEADLY TEN: Watch new Full Moon movies from our much-hyped "Deadly Ten" series including WEEDJIES!, BLADE: THE IRON CROSS and NECROPOLIS: LEGION!

KINGS OF CULT: Join Full Moon legend Charles Band and the father of indie cinema Roger Corman as they sit down and tell stories about making movies - and money - on the fringes of Hollywood!

SURRENDER CINEMA: Go deep and explore the finest is softcore erotica with hot titles like PASSIONS OF THE LOST IDOL, TARZEENA, BIKINI ROYALE and T&A TIME TRAVELERS!

EXTREME CINEMA: Dig into some of the nastiest and most controversial exploitation movies ever made, like NEKROMANTIK, SCHRAMM, THE DEATH KING and MAD FOXES

All these incredible pictures share space with our own library of Full Moon favorites, like the PUPPET MASTER series and the SUBSPECIES and EVIL BONG franchises and new films are added every week!

And don't forget that if you subscribe to Full Moon Features for ONE YEAR by visiting at you'll get a FREE 12-disc PUPPET MASTER Blu-ray box set! That's a $120 bonus gift just for signing up to the coolest cult movie channel in the universe.

Full Moon Features is available to download from your app store, Smart TV, Roku box and many other digital platforms. Sign up and start your journey into the freakiest back-alleys of far-out filmdom today!