• Chris Alexander

Full Moon's Newsflash Vol. 106

The critics love BLADE: THE IRON CROSS!

BLADE: THE IRON CROSS premiered last Friday exclusively on Full Moon Features and critics and fans are freaking out! says BLADE: THE IRON CROSS "Feels like a throwback to classic Full Moon films!" while KillerHorrorCritic gives the film 3.5/5 stars and calls it "Highly recommended!". Cult movie critic and filmmaker Sebastian Godin from says the picture "Delivers on the weirdness!" and the folks over at states that BLADE is " A major step forward in the PUPPET MASTER franchise!"

Directed by John Lechago (KILLJOY'S PSYCHO CIRCUS) from a screenplay by Roger Barron, BLADE: THE IRON CROSS (the latest from our Deadly Ten film slate) tells the tale of the murderous Nazi scientist named Dr. Hauser who meets his match when psychic journalist Elisa Ivanov (Tania Fox) awakens Blade, and together the bloody journey of revenge begins. It’s Herr Hauser’s reanimated undead army versus a possessed doll and a beautiful vengeance-seeking clairvoyant! Who will win, and how will it affect the Full Moon Universe? Find out in BLADE: THE IRON CROSS!

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