• Chris Alexander

Full Moon's NEWSFLASH Vol. 105

UNCUT Tourist Trap “Vintage VHS” Blu-ray Box Set Announced!!

Following the success of the first two releases in our line of "Vintage VHS" collector's box sets - PUPPET MASTER and LASERBLAST - comes what is perhaps the most talked-about horror movie in Full Moon's library: director David Schmoeller's 1979 masterpiece TOURIST TRAP!

Produced by Charles Band, TOURIST TRAP is widely recognized as one of the scariest and strangest horror movies of the 1970s, a film championed by none other than Stephen King as wielding "an eerie, spooky power". Legendary actor Chuck Connors (THE RIFLEMAN, WEREWOLF) stars as Mr. Slausen, a telekinetic psychopath who lures a group of young people to his ramshackle roadside attraction, unleashing an army of psychically controlled mannequins and other monstrosities upon them. As the terrified youths fight for their lives, secrets are revealed and shock follows shock until the movie reaches its nightmarish, unforgettable finale.

With a cast featuring Jocelyn Jones (THE ENFORCER) Tanya Roberts (SHEENA, THE BEASTMASTER) and Robin Sherwood (DEATH WISH II), stark art direction by Robert A. Burns (THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE, THE HILLS HAVE EYES) and a terrifying, lush score by the great Pino Donaggio (DON'T LOOK NOW, CARRIE, DRESSED TO KILL), TOURIST TRAP is a macabre masterpiece, presented here in a stunning, totally UNCUT, digitally remastered transfer on both Blu-ray and DVD and packaged in a deluxe "Vintage VHS" big box with a custom made Mr. Slausen mini-action figure, complete with removable mask!

The TOURIST TRAP "Vintage VHS" box set is a major collectible for serious TOURIST TRAP fans and quantities are limited. The set will be ON SALE SOON at so keep watching for updates!

AND DON'T FORGET! The latest film in our beloved PUPPET MASTER franchise - John Lechago's BLADE: THE IRON CROSS - will have its exclusive WORLD PREMIERE on the channel and app THIS FRIDAY, June 26th. A later date for the film's premiere on our Amazon Prime channel will be announced soon. See the movie that Brain Mutant says is filled with "old school sci-fi and delivers on the weirdness" and tell us what you think!