• Chris Alexander


Updated: Nov 12, 2018

“Hallowen Sale Still Screaming! DEATH HEADS On Streaming!”

Full Moon's blood-spattered Halloween blow-out sale is still raging! The sale sees almost EVERYTHING in our store hacked down to 50% off the regular price, including premium items like our beautiful and critically acclaimed "Toulon's Trunk" PUPPET MASTER box set, DVDs, Blu-rays, collector's sets, clothing, posters, magazines and much, much more.

The sale closes its doors November 1st, so you still have time to take advantage of our insanity and fill your lives and homes with Full Moon swag at a fraction of the cost NOW through Halloween.

Get to and start shopping!

Also! Don’t forget that FULL MOON'S BUNKER OF BLOOD opens up its rusty doors once more this Tuesday with the exclusive Full Moon Streaming release of DEATH HEADS: BRAIN DRAIN, the third gore-tastic clip-trip that features horrific highlights from classic flicks like SKULL HEADS, HEAD OF THE FAMILY, TOURIST TRAP and TROPHY HEADS, all bashed together in a full-blown assault on your fragile psyche. Screw your noggin on tight and enter the BUNKER OF BLOOD if you dare, available 10/30 on Full Moon Streaming with Amazon and a DVD release coming soon!