• Chris Alexander

Full Moon's Newflash Vol. 172

During the dawn of the video store boom, Full Moon’s pioneering VHS label Wizard Video tapped into a pair of intersecting demographics: the fan base surrounding actress, model and Playboy Playmate Sybil Danning and the allure of seeing exposed feminine flesh on home screens. The result was 1982’s FAMOUS T&A, one of many Wizard Video compilation tapes released during the period. The film saw the seductive, shapely Danning striking poses and introducing a clip trip featuring dozens of exploitation cinema’s hottest sirens in various states of undress.

FAMOUS T&A would not only be a huge hit on the rental circuit via viewers lusting after sensual cinematic beauty (as opposed to hardcore pornography) but would go on the become Full Moon’s most popular title of all time, a status it retains today on all our streaming platforms.

Today, with explicit sex scenes being so readily available via the internet 24/7 and absolutely nothing left to the imagination anymore, it seemed like the time was right to revisit our softer and more elegant FAMOUS T&A franchise and succeed it with an even hotter “sequel”. So with that, get ready for FAMOUS T&A 2, yet another wild and hot venture into some of sexy moviemaking’s steamiest scenes!

Shot last month in LA, FAMOUS T&A 2 is hosted by actress, model and genre film enthusiast Diana Prince, who under the name Darcy the Mail Girl has gained a huge fanbase from her turn on the hit Shudder series THE LAST DRIVE-IN starring Joe Bob Briggs. The sexy, witty and wonderful Ms. Prince will take viewers on an edifying, electrifying freefall into non-stop nudity with saucy scenes featuring actors Sherilyn Fenn, Tanya Tate, Jacqueline Lovell, Masuimi Max, Ginger Lynn Allen, Julie Strain, Barbara Crampton, Melanie Shatner, Stormy Daniels, Linnea Quigley and many, many more.

FAMOUS T&A is currently in post-production and will be released on Full Moon Features and Full Moon’s Amazon Prime channel in February 2022. Look for it!