• Chris Alexander


Updated: Oct 8, 2018

" Tim Thomerson Gives 'Em Hell and More Stories from Comic-Con 2018!"

There was a moment this past weekend at the 2018 San Diego Comic Con where iconic genre film star Tim Thomerson, upon first entering the narrow gates of the Full Moon booth, surveyed the room.

And it went like this:

Some dude was hanging out at the neighboring booth wearing a half-skull zipper mask and too-tight black PVC costume.

Thomerson nods towards the gent. Turns to the Full Moon staff and snarls, "What the Hell’s that?! Goddamn, if my kid came home lookin’ like that I’d SHOOT him!"

Thomerson then smiled a self-satisfied grin, winked and sat down, ready to do maximum damage.

That brief but hilarious exchange felt ripped right out of one of Thomerson's turns as Jack Deth in Charles Band's TRANCERS movies or Brick Bardo in Full Moon's revered DOLLMAN series. The latter property was the catalyst for Thomerson making this rare public appearance, to sit with us, meet the fans and sign copies of the very first issue of DOLLMAN KILLS THE FULL MOON UNIVERSE, the maiden title in our newly launched Full Moon Comix line. We had limited supplies of the exclusive "virgin cover" issue by Tony Moore (THE WALKING DEAD), a beautiful piece of art that you couldn't get anywhere else. Fans lined up to both meet the inimitable Thomerson and grab a copy of the book (you can order one of FOUR variant cover copies of the first issue HERE) as well as get copies of one of the many movies Tim starred in for Full Moon. Naturally, TRANCERS and its sequels were the fan faves and rightfully so as it's Thomerson's sardonic, caustic and two-fisted future cop Jack Deth that serves as perhaps the most famous and beloved among his hundreds of film and television credits.

Joining Thomerson was Full Moon Comix co-creator Brockton McKinney and our founding father and braintrust Charles Band and man, what a thrill it was to see Band and Thomerson back together again, sharing many laughs and stories from the front lines making movies in the 80s and 90s. At 73, Thomerson is just as witty and wild as ever and having him around added a dose of real-deal rock 'n' roll to what was already and INSANE and awesome weekend, the likes of which also saw FM staffer Brooks Davis set-up TWIN PEAKS siren Sherilyn Fenn up with The Gingerweed Man! Sherilyn of course starred in Full Moon's classic erotic "Beauty and the Beast" horror gem MERIDIAN so it was a thrill to be able to bring her back to the freaky fold.

As usual, the human traffic at Comic-Con was over-the-top and we're happy to say that Full Moon reaped the benefits of the surge. The weekend saw us premiere the new issue of DELIRIUM magazine - our 17th issue - and we SOLD OUT of every copy we brought. The cover of DELIRIUM #17 serves as a salute to Band's 1982 monster movie classic PARASITE and to tie-in, we JUST re-released the film in an exact clone of its original 1983 VHS release! The big box, gatefold release is a love-letter to hardcore PARASITE fans and VHS collectors who want a pristine edition of the film to complement their battered (and valuable!) original VHS and tons of those fans picked up a copy at the show.

The other awesome Comic-Con exclusive premiere was our on-the-floor unveiling of the three STUNNING new 12 inch soft vinyl PUPPET MASTER figures from Phantasma Collectibles (, which we will be officially releasing this WEDNESDAY, JULY 25th. These high-quality creations are beautifully detailed and a must for the PUPPET MASTER merchandise completest. We had a handful of units of the eye-popping "Blood Spattered Blade" figure for sale at the show and fans went bananas picking them up. We also had sample units of the "standard" Blade and Torch figures and a couple of savvy fans skipped the shipping costs by snatching those up too. Make sure you go to to order your vinyl PUPPET MASTER figure this Wednesday. Because - like everything awesome in our universe - quantities are LIMITED and they will simply not last. So don't be lazy!

Also flying off our tables this wild weekend were stacks upon stacks of DVD's and Blu-rays, all of our iconic creature features, Erotica, horror and fantasy movies that have long made Full Moon the first and last word in INSANE entertainment.

On behalf of the entire Full Moon team, we want to thank ALL of our incredible, loyal fans, both veteran and newly minted, who came out to support us and share their stories of Full Moon love. We love YOU right back! Because without you, we're NOTHING!

Keep flying the FM flag, friends!