• Chris Alexander


Updated: Oct 8, 2018

"Killer Comic Books and Crazy Super Sales!"

Cover by Tony Moore

Let's talk comics. Rather, let's talk comix. More specifically, let's talk Full Moon Comix.

By now, we're sure you've heard us rave and rant about one of our most important recent endeavors, the launch of Full Moon Comix, our first ever totally in-house produced line of original comic books. Prior to this, we've traditionally licensed our characters and franchises out to other publishers to play with, but now, we're doing it right, carefully sculpting a line of books that explore the vast Full Moon Universe with style and reverence. These are comics made by the biggest Full Moon fans on the planet: US!

We just launched Full Moon Comix with the flagship title, Dollman Kills the Full Moon Universe, a six-issue miniseries written by the brilliant Shawn Gabborin (who co-steered the last wave of Puppet Master comics at his former home, Action Lab Comics) and Brockton McKinney (Evil Bong 666 and 777). These two monster-lovin' madmen have been going bananas dragging all their favorite fiends and heroes from the Full Moon vaults and remounting them in an arch, phantasmagorical four-color landscape with the aim to both honor and revitalize the Full Moon mythos, creating a bizarro-world universe where all these diverse and unrelated monsters, freak and geeks co-exist, the connecting thread being that Dollman murders the lot of them!

Dollman Kills the Full Moon Universe sees the diminutive alien supercop (played by Tim Thomerson in the cult classic Albery Pyun-directed original 1991 film) on a bloodthirsty quest to wipe out the myriad monsters, marionettes, madmen and mutants from some of Full Moon's most beloved movies. But why is he doing this? Is there a method to his madness? And will Dollman's actions have repercussions even more shocking than even he could imagine?

Here's what Gabborin says about his bloody, beautiful baby:

"Each issue of the series will see Dollman progress toward his goal by taking on two different Full Moon properties, one as the 20 page main feature, and another as a 4 page backup story. So, yes, each issue can stand alone for the fans of that particular property, but there is a story that you will see building as the series progresses."

Issue #1 features limited variant covers from superstar artists such as Tony Moore (The Walking Dead), Ben Templesmith (30 Days of Night), and Robert Hack (Sabrina)and contains breathtaking interiors from groundbreaking newcomers Daniel Pasqual (Shamans) and Bridgit Connell (Brother Nash). Last week, we announced some wild incentives so fans can lock their mitts on all four covers and get some extra goodies in the process. These far-out fan incentives will only be available until Mon, July 9th via

Check 'em out:

OFFER#1 ($19.95): Buy all 4 covers and get a free $10.00 gift code for

OFFER#2 ($19.95): Buy all 4 covers and receive a copy of Delirium #17 featuring a 2-page Dollman vs Gingerweed Man story

OFFER#3 ($79.80): Buy a box of x20 comix (x5 copies per cover) and get x10 Mini Blade Action Figures

OFFER#4 ($159.60): Buy a box of x40 comix (x10 copies per cover) and get a Blade 1:1 Scale Replica

OFFER#5 ($239.40): Buy a box of x60 comix (x15 copies per cover) and get a Puppet Master Blu-ray Trunk

Dollman Kills the Full Moon Universe #1 will hit stores August 1st but anything you purchase at will start shipping July 16th, 2018

Be sure to visit for news, updates and more killer promotions.

And hey, if you're in the San Diego area from July 20-23rd, be sure to drop-in to the juggernaut San Diego Comic Con. We'll be there with copies of the comics AND we'll have freaking Tim Thomerson - Dollman himself! - with us on Saturday, July 21st. The man, the myth, the legend will be signing copies of Dollman Kills the Full Moon Universe, along with our fearless founder Charles Band as well as Gabborin and McKinney. Be there!

And hey, while we have you....

It's that time of year fans! Your favorite fiends at Full Moon are gettin' festive and we've got one mother-of-a-sale landing, JUST in time for The Fourth of July!

Starting 12:00pm (noon) pst on Wednesday, July 3rd and blasting clear through the weekend until 12:00am (midnight) pst Sunday, July 8th, Full Moon Direct will unleash a tidal wave of terrific deals, including a staggering 40% OFF DVDs, Blu-rays, Retro VHS, Soundtrack CDs, DELIRIUM magazine back issues, posters, plushies and MORE!

Keep your peepers peeled for sweet COMBO DEALS like the EVIL BONG resin statue collection (including Eebee, GingerdeadMan and GingerweedMan) for only $50, the "Sexy Summer School" erotica DVD collection for only $19.95, and tons more!

And we're also marking down big ticket stuff like our acclaimed Empire Pictures box set ($200 plus a free $50 gift code!), the new Puppet Master Blu-ray trunk ($200 plus a free $50 gift code) as well as a SMALL selection (20 each of Blade, Torch, Mephisto, Leech Woman) of our new Tom Devlin-sculpted Puppet Master Replicas, which will be regular price BUT we will throw in a free $20 gift code, just because we love ya!

Mix in a mess of AWESOME door-buster deals revealed throughout the duration of the sale and you've got the King Kong of killer Full Moon July 4th supersales!

So save up, suckas! Full Moon rules the planet. You just live on it...